Milkman Sound TV40 Amplifier

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The TV40 starts off a new series of top-loader amps- this one in particular is a 40W 6L6 based CLEAN MACHINE. Based on the Mini Steel amp with a larger enclosure and extra 8ohm speaker output- this amp has tons of headroom and is a great choice for larger pedalboards or folks who like it loud. When you turn on this amp you'll find a pristine and clear guitar tone that gradually gets more compressed as you dial up the volume- but never submits to single-coil pickups. The percussive mids offer loads of attack and suits funk, blues, or jazz well. But if you roll the mids back you get the glassy Fender sounds loved by players everywhere. Humbuckers are where the amp starts to open up and offer its own overdrive which is lean in the bottom end, but powerful - a lovely base for an 808 or Bluesbreaker overdrive to make it sing. 3-band EQ, bright switch, 2 inputs, and reverb with Mix/Tone/Dwell controls make this amp super flexible and a killer option for any style of music. Loaded with a Jupiter Ceramic 12" speaker- this is a truly professional guitar amp that isn't too big to move around town.

22" W x 20" H x 10-1/2" D 38lbs

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