Mission Engineering VM-Pro (Black) Pedal

Mission Engineering
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The VM-Pro from Mission Engineering is the answer to the world of musicians tired of tone suck and struggling to replace strings in a cramped pulley system!

  • Premium audiophile grade onboard buffers which help maintain the frequency response when using long cable runs and extensive pedal chain.
  • Selectable output impedance lets you use the volume pedal with vintage fuzz and other devices that would normally suffer from not being directly after your guitar's pickups.
  • Switchable gain stage lets you set the pedal for use with high output active pickups without clipping, and the unique Mission Sparkle switch restores some of the top end brightness thats typically lost as you roll back the volume. 
  • Isolated secondary output that routes an additional, unaltered signal from the pedal. Primarily intended for use as a tuner out, the Secondary Out can also be used for advanced studio and recording functions such as re-amping and side chaining.
  • Accepts between 9 and 18VDC supplies, as well as battery. Using a higher output supply will increase the headroom which may be useful for very high level inputs.
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