Mr. Black Tapex 2

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Excellent digital tape echo emulator from Mr. Black with fully analog input and output drivers. Great for those old school Echoplex tones!

  • Pure analog pre-amps and output drivers
  • Complementary True-Stereo inputs & outputs
    • Left Input: Delay input with Dry pass-through
      (Delay output on both Left and Right Outputs)
    • Right Input: Dry pass-through only
  • 43mS - 808mS delay time
  • Choice & Damaged I tape modes
  • Trailing repeats on bypass
  • Simple and easy to use preset Save/Recall
  • Optional expression control input
    assignable on the fly to any control
  • Optional Tap-tempo input
  • Industry Standard 9VDC pedal-board
    and daisy chain friendly power (<70mA draw)
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