Mu-Tron Octavider+

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El Diablo welcomes Mu-Tron to Minnesota!

The Octavider+ is the newest guest to our shop; a stunning 2-in-1 sub octave harmonizer and hi-fi fuzz! Each side can be used independently for a (relatively) clean, monophonic, natural sub-octave voice and a ripping vintage-inspired fuzz that is as friendly to lead lines as it is to rhythm playing. When combined the Octavider+ offers a highly stylized, textural effect that would not be out of place on a 70s Zappa or Isley Brothers record. We find every line we play to have a slick, impressive quality- raising eyebrows becomes a little more common with the Octavider+ engaged. The "Ringer" function-  a sizzling, octave-up style distortion- really brings out the madcap qualities of this MU-Tron offering. This is where your guitar can really start to make its way into synthesizer territory! Park this before Mu-Tron's Phasor III or MicroTron IV for a truly inspiring and otherworldly experience!

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