NativeAudio Pretty Bird Woman Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

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Native Audio's minimalistic approach to chorus/vibrato! Easily add sweet and subtle waves of color and clarity to your tone or switch to more intense settings that can send you down the pitch altered psychedelic rabbit hole. Snag one while you still can!!

The Pretty Bird Woman provides 4 programmable presets for immediate access to your essential settings, individually tuned depth and rate controls for optimized modulation, and a unique filtered delay line delivering warm modulated tones.

Other features:

  • Smart switching system to engage effect in either momentary or latching mode for an expanded operational capability.

  • Top-mounted instrument and power jacks designed to reduce pedalboard space.

  • Buffered-bypass design that retains signal quality over any amount of cable length.

About the Artwork:

About the Artwork: Pretty Bird Woman is the birth name given to my grandmother who embodies the values of our Blackfeet (Amsskaapipiikuni) people. The Pretty Bird Woman is a tribute to the pillars in our lives that have a special place in our hearts and a reminder to treasure those who bring us happiness. They are the Northern Star to our life and the guidance when we run astray. They are the foundation to our values, reminding us of who we are and who we want to be. They are warriors in our lives that will go to war for our wellbeing. They embrace exploration and encourage the pursuit of dreams. So I encourage you to take this as a reminder to love and cherish the Pretty Bird Women in your life. The artwork features Pretty Bird Woman in her traditional gown under the moonlight.

-Mike Trombley, Owner

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