One Control LX Tuner with BJF Buffer

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El Diablo is proud to once again carry One Control! These amazing pedals are compact and take utility to a whole new level.

From One Control:

What do we all need from a tuner? Something reliable that does not change the tone of your instrument, a unit with a great display that is easy to see on dark stages and in bright sunlight, and a high-quality signal buffer to keep your tone pristine. Above all, you need a tuner you can trust to be ready for you in all situations.

In the old days, many tuners had built-in buffer circuits. Usually by incorporating the buffer circuit into the tuner pedal at the start of the pedalboard signal chain, there would be no attenuation of signal after that point in the signal path. Unfortunately, the buffer circuits usually changed the tone, which resulted in many players demanding “true bypass” effects and tuner units.

The perfect tuner should never change the original tone and sound of your instrument. However, there are many benefits to having a properly designed buffer circuit in your signal chain. With a well-designed buffer, you don’t have to have a true-bypass tuner only – you can have the best of both worlds.


This amazing circuit is installed in many switchers from One Control, and is one of the most natural-sounding buffer circuits ever created that destroys the old image people have from using old buffer circuits that changed the tone of the instrument.


Precise Unity Gain setting to 1

Input impedance will not change the tone

Will not make output signal too strong

Ultra-low noise output

If the input is overloaded, the output tone will not be degraded.