Onkel Amplification Death's Head Fuzz

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This rare offering from Onkel combines a 12AU7 preamp tube with vintage Russian germanium transistors for the ultimate in creamy overdriven fuzz! It can cover an enormous amount of territory with ease and is amazingly dynamic and touch sensitive.  The cherry on the cake is that it is true-bypass AND it can be powered by any 9V power supply!  The Death Head Fuzz is hand-built, point-to-point (P2P), in extremely small batches.     

Controls: Gain/Tone/Volume and FUZZ!

There is a 20min youtube demo that does a good job of outlining what the pedal can do. It isn't a Big Muff, and it isn't a Tone Bender. It's a unique beast! Vintage rock to modern metal- the Death's Head can do it all!

Very Good
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