Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo

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Origin has done it again! The famed tones of the Brownface Fender Deluxe are available now in Origin's true Revival unabridged amp-tone form. Controls for the "amp" side are like a Master Volume version of a Deluxe with Volume, Tone, and Drive. Subtle compression and harmonic liveliness leads to thick, creamy overdrive and a voicing section at the bottom really opens the pedal up. The true Power Bias tremolo needs no makeup gain as it responds to your playing the way the old amps did. 3 ranges of the speed and 2 waveform shapes with Speed and Depth control let you carve in gorgeous, wobbling trem. Remote tap tempo is optional, but the best part is the ability to exist outside of that realm. Dig in, and hear your self play over the tremolo and as you soften the effects makes it's return. Unparalleled tone and design- we're really excited about this one here at El Diablo. Stop by and try for yourself!!

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