Pine-Box Customs Motel Overdrive/Distortion

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Based on a the ProCo Rat, the Motel was designed with a cleaner, more overdriven feel. You can also access traditional Rat-esque high gain distortion via the toggle.

How is this pedal different??

-There is an internal voltage doubling circuit, utilizing a premium chip. This takes Motel from 7v to a very high headroom 18v power input. 

-With the flip of a switch, Motel goes from a very compressed, hard clipping distortion circuit, to a much more open, uncompressed overdriven sound reminiscent of tube breakup. These two very distinct sounds to choose from  is what separates Motel from others. 

-The gain range has been extended.

-We paid special attention to the low/high filtering and removed some of the mid focus. This really suits the lower gain and overdriven sound. 

-We raised the input impedance to reduce tone sucking and keep the original sonic features of your guitar. With the input impedance more than doubled, this allows the chip to begin clipping and reduces the need for diode clipping. Giving this circuit and entirely new feel and sound. 

-The buffered output control has been re-designed to act as sort of a post gain amplifier. This gives you a bit more gain and a lot more volume. 

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