R Weaver FX Scarlett Vibe

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In on trade! This is a fully faithful recreation of a 60's Uni-Vibe. All hand-built, calibrated, and tested to be sonically indistinguishable. Made by one of the modern masters!


The Marvel That is the Scarlet Vibe:
The latest creation to emerge from Rick's workshop, the Scarlet Vibe, encapsulates years of pursuit. When Rick finds himself content to sit for hours, playing his own work, he knows he's struck gold. As a perfectionist, Rick's self-critique is relentless, and he's now reached a point where there's little left to fault. The Scarlet Vibe boasts a range of carefully chosen components, from NOS Japanese-made C2-V bulbs to photocells that rival the best of the original Univibe cells. With original Matsushita caps and more, Rick is willing to stake his entire reputation on a bold claim - these are the best vintage-style vibes you can buy for the price.

A Universe of Sound:
The Scarlet Vibe transcends expectations, offering increased clarity, a mesmerising swirl, phase, headroom, and a pronounced throb that sweeps across the range of intensity and speed controls. Classic Univibe tones are at your fingertips, and more. Take a chance on the Scarlet Vibe; Rick won't disappoint you. These pedals are a new echelon of excellence, a testament to Rick's deep understanding of what it takes to make them sing with a lush, 3D throb, swirl, and clarity. They sound alive, with a clear yet full bottom end reminiscent of legendary recordings.

The Pinnacle of Authenticity:
Rick emphasises the importance of sourcing top-tier components for his builds. He's poured his heart into securing the finest Japanese-made C2-V bulbs and photocells, meticulously comparing them to prime examples of original Univibe photocells. Rick's pedalboard adheres to the exact size of a Univibe layout, boasting an exceptional quality board. Today's pots and trimpots offer expanded range compared to their vintage counterparts, providing greater versatility.

Mastering the Art of Precision:
Rick shares a valuable tip for Scarlet Vibe enthusiasts. The bulb bias adjustment on the trimpot can have a profound effect with even the tiniest adjustment, altering the abruptness and sharpness of the intensity control's sweep. It can also impact the overall brightness or darkness of the effect. The second trimmer allows for fine-tuning the offset or symmetry of the sweep, providing even greater control. These adjustments should be approached with care and left alone if you're unsure of their effects.

Confidence in Craftsmanship:
Rick is not just confident; he's certain that his Scarlet Vibe can match the capabilities of vintage units. He believes in his components, build quality, and, most importantly, his ear. All of this comes at a price that significantly undercuts 'exact' replicas and other offerings.

A Note on Variants:
The Midnight Vibe and the Scarlet Vibe share the same iconic sound and tone. The sole difference lies in their functionality. The Midnight Vibe offers a cancel button, in addition to the bypass button, which turns off the bulb and LFO while preserving the preamp's purity. The Scarlet Vibe features true bypass functionality, ensuring your signal remains pristine when the effect is off.

Embrace Authenticity:
Remember, these pedals are not mass-produced clones; they are crafted with love and knowledge. They may not have the factory-produced look, but they possess raw authenticity, reliability, and unparalleled quality. And please note, the Scarlet Vibe operates at 18V, guaranteeing a robust and pristine signal for your musical journey.

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