Rare Buzz Effects and Spun Loud Effects Phoezar Fuzz/Phaser

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Fuzz and Phase! 

The Phoezar, an extraordinary blend of classic fuzz and phase and originated from an Instagram comment over two years ago. Its a Phase 45-based phase circuit on the right side, complemented by a Bazz Fuss-based circuit on the left side. It's definetly something you don't see everyday and can bring some unique sound to the table, ranging from subtly distorted chorus-like effects to intense and electrifying stun gun-like vibrations. Super cool!

  • High quality Wurth capacitors
  • Bulletproof surface-mount device design for most components
  • Premium Neutrik audio and Lumberg DC jacks
  • Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
  • Extra-tough UV printed art for long lasting finish
  • All-analog original circuit design, assembled by hand in Ohio and Washington
  • Small footprint 125B enclosure for easy addition to tight pedalboards
  • Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply only

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