Revel Pickups Jazzmaster Pickup Set

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Jazzmaster Pickups

The #1 gripe we have with modern Jazzmasters (aside from the bridge) are the pickups. You get the amazing tremolo system and lead boost system... it feels and looks right... but something is off about the pickups! Too harsh? Too hot? Unbalanced? These pickups will revive any Jazzmaster and bring it back to the 60s and voice it the way Jazzmasters are supposed to sound! $90 EACH

From Revel:

  • Hand assembled bobbins
  • Lacquer dipped, before wiring
  • Vintage coil height
  • Vintage cloth "push-back" wire
  • Clarity, sparkle, definition, and excellent string separation.
  • 7.6K Neck, 8.4K Bridge
  • Wax potted
  • Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity

Jazzmaster Pickups video