Rocket Surgeon Astro Rock-it Overdrive

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Astro Rock-it is a low gain overdrive pedal with plenty of volume to push your amp into saturation. If you like to run your amp clean Astro Rock-it will give you just the right amount of grit and character. Try stacking this pedal with your favorite dirt pedal. Might also be worth trying to run is after a fuzz with the gain set low and use the tone control to tame some of those crazy highs.

Volume - Ya know what it does
Tone - Wide range low pass filter, dial in the perfect setting for your amp and playing style.
Drive - The Drive knob is very usable throughout its whole range. None of this get past 12 o'clock and everything sounds the same. Run it max, run it at min or anywhere in between. Find the setting that suits your taste and style.

Inside Astro Rock-it you will find a trimmer to change the brightness of the LED.

Run Astro Rock-it at 18 volts for more volume and headroom.

Very Good
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