Roland RE-201 Space Echo

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This legendary space maker has been used in studios for decades after its release from Roland in the 70s. Every incarnation of the Space Echo has it's own charm, but the 201 is by far the fan favorite.

Multi-head echo and spring reverb are available in numerous combinations- from slapback to interstellar, this vintage tape echo has it all!

It's functionality we would say is around a B- depending on how you wanna use it. There is some wow/flutter, a slightly increased crunchiness to the repeats, and a slightly higher noise floor than usual so it may require some very basic servicing but we've included a video demo to give you an idea of what it's capable of.

The heads have been cleaned and demagnetized, pinch roller cleaned, pots deox'd, and it's sounding fantastic! It can't do the oscillation stuff and the repeats appear to be on the quieter side, but overall there's tons of great sounds and lots of fantastic ways to use this box!

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