Snouse Blackbox Overdrive 2

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Lots of talk and craze going around about this pedal! The Blackbox Overdrive 2 is a hand-wired, 100% discrete analog, tube-emulating overdrive with 3 selectable modes Standard Hi Gain, Low-Gain, and Clean Boost.

"The new BlackBox Overdrive 2 features a unique internal switching system for more control than ever before. Three hard-wired, 100% analog gain modes - Hi-gain Boost, Classic Low-gain, and true Clean Boost modes - along with a new internal Bright/Smooth switch - make the new BlackBox Overdrive 2 an absolutely indispensible tone tool, and a must-have on any pro-level board."

"Use the "Box in Hi-gain Boost Mode to utilize the proprietary in-house designed, tube-emulating variable JFET preamp Boost control to push the front end of the BlackBox Overdrive 2 into searing drive that melts smoothly into singing, harmonic-rich feedback. Switch to Classic Low-Gain Mode for direct, fully hard-wired access to the same circuit and tone as that of our biggest seller, the BlackBox Overdrive Classic; OR switch to Clean Boost Mode to take advantage of a versatile, ultra-clean tone enhancement tool and clean boost with TONS of available output volume and enough headroom to drive the front end of your tube amp into high gear the all-natural way."

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