SonaMagna 9 In 1 Drive

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The 9 in 1 Drive is a multi-dirt pedal that offers nine customizable presets with 100% analog overdrive, distortion, fuzz, sweep-able EQ, two metal-centric modes with adjustable mid-scoop, and clean boost. The 9 in 1 is designed to simplify setup and use by eliminating the need for complicated menus, edit or save buttons. The presets are arranged into three banks of three presets each, and the display and preset indicator LEDs are color-coded to make it easy to see what preset and bank is active. This pedal can replace multiple pedals, saving money and pedal board space! It also offers more control with adjustable volume for each preset and the ability to update control firmware via USB. Lastly, the 9 in 1 Drive is built inside a heavy-duty metal enclosure with high-quality components, providing reliable performance.

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