Source Audio True Spring Reverb Pedal

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Source Audio set out to make the most accurate digital spring reverb emulation around, but they didn't stop there- they also decided to toss in 3 great tremolo flavors (reverb's best friend!) for a full amp-style reverb experience. The True Spring offers Short and Long spring options as well as "Tank" for the full drippy G615 style splash. Controls for Mix, Dwell, Tone, and Level give full shaping capabilities like on the old units, with the added bonus of enough makeup gain to push your amp input! Tremolo is accessed via the "Option" button in back of the pedal. When depressed you can adjust Speed and Depth of the tremolo, as well as slect from Photocell, Power Bias, and Harmonic options. The True Spring is a powerhouse stompbox and offers one of the most lifelike spring emulations we've heard here at El Diablo!


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