Spaceman Effects Cosmic Call Galactic Transmitter Pedal (Prototype #1)

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If you're a Spaceman collector than there's a chance you still might need this pedal in your arsenal! This is Prototype #1 of Spaceman's monophonic pitch transposer and ring modulator! (It's got some pretty neat laser sounds!) We STRONGLY encourage watching the Demos in the Dark video to understand this pedal and its capabilities.

"Utilizing complex monophonic pitch transposing technology, the Cosmic Call will allow you to convert your guitar tone into a manually actuated variable frequency binary data stream. The internal oscillator works on the ELF/VLF band, roughly 40Hz - 4kHz and can be precisely tuned to any frequency in that band. Now all galactic lifeforms with sufficient technology can receive and behold your complex compositions and melodic solos. If you are unsure of which planetary system to unleash your blistering licks upon, the Cosmic Call can be configured to sweep through its frequency band using your playing dynamics to modulate its transmitter. The controls are simple to use and adaptive to each operational mode, making it a unique and versatile communication device. The Cosmic Call provides a new and compelling way to achieve first contact. Beaming your music across the galaxy and melting alien faces with your tasty riffs."

This pedal is the exact unit you see in the Demos in the Dark video 

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Spaceman Galactic Transmitter Guitar Pedal video

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