Stomp Under Foot Black Russian (Serial #3)

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In walks a pre-owned unit of Stomp Under Foot's faithful recreation of the Black Russian Big Muff Pi (#3 to be exact)! Same infinite amount of sustain, amazing bass response, and a classic "go-to" if you're craving a wall of fuzz. 

In the early 90s when Sovtek was still producing Big Muffs in Russia, they were housed in a rugged black enclosure. This era of muffs had heaps of low end with a raspy top, and gobs of gain. A favorite among bass players, Matt from Stomp Under Foot has brought the sound and look of the "Black Russian" to a small pedalboard friendly enclosure. Uses original BC547 Transistors and the same exact vintage capacitors as the original.

Excellent condition, includes box and such.

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