Surfy Industries SurfyBear Classic Reverb 2.0 (Brown) Pedal

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Surfy Industries has graced us with the SurfyBear Classic, so you don't have to spend $1k on a G615. The drippiest, fattest, splashiest tones are found here with a circuit that is identical to the Fender fan favorite- only with FETs in place of tubes. Super dynamic response, a preamp that stays with you (non-true bypass), and the ability to be overdriven. The more Surfy Industries pedals you have in line- the better you sound.

- Wooden enclosure covered with Fender® style tolex, available in the 3 classic colors: blonde, brown or black

- Steel bottom cover to provide maximum protection against noise and interferences

- Vintage style on/off toggle switch and 1/4" jack to connect an external footswitch

- All Switchcraft® components for best quality and durability

- Uses worldwide with a 12V power supply (included in the package)

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