Te-Fi Ms. Delayette - Psychedelic Finish

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The Ms. Delayette encapsulates the essence of vintage magnetic echo from the 60s. It pays homage to iconic units like the Binson Echorec, Echolette NG51S, and the Maestro Echoplex EP-1. These devices were known for their unique charm in producing echo and reverb, often characterized by their mechanical quirks and distinctive tape-related issues. The TEFI Vintage Lab research team has developed this pedal to combine Hi-Fi response with the ability to simulate the aging process using analog WOW and FLUTTER controls, creating a realistic vintage vibe.

Key Features:

  • Two modes: Echo and Nachhall (adding a virtual reproduction head for multiple reflections).
  • Nachhall mode is useful for reverb and slap back echo effects.
  • External control options: Expression pedal to adjust repetition frequency (motor speed), momentary switch pedal for instant self-oscillation (feedback).
  • The Mistress Delayette offers natural sound, versatility, and a wide range of functions, inviting exploration into uncharted sonic territories.

Preowned in Excellent condition, just the pedal

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