Tonetron Amps Sonic 50 1x12 50 Watt Guitar Combo

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The goal was a 50-watt amp, EL34 based, that would deliver decent overdrive even at lower volumes but that also be a relatively clean pedal-platform amp. The solution: use two modes, switchable with toggle. NORMAL mode has an Ampeg feel with plenty of cleans to use as is or as a pedal platform for pedals. BOOST mode is reminiscent of an early Orange OTR120. Lots of smooth, thick breakup that only builds rather than flattens as you increase the volume. 

Above all, the amp also needed to be as compact and light weight as possible given it is a 50-watt combo weighing in at around 40lbs.

Ultimately the Sonic 50 can deliver tone and breakup at lower volumes and won't shrug a bit as you increase it. It works equally well with pedals and on it's own.

Year: 2023

Brand: ToneTron

Model: Sonic 50

Weight: 38 lbs

Finish: Blue Tolex

Power: 50 Watts Class A

Speaker: 12" Weber Gray Wolf

Power Section: 2x EL34

Preamp Section: 12AX7

Phase Inverter/Driver: 12AX7

Rectifier: 5AR4

Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Presence, and Output Level. NORMAL/BOOST Switch

Special Features: High and Low impedance Inputs

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