Union Tube & Transistor CRACKLE (Deluxe)

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This fresh new release from Union Tube & Transistor has everyone at El Diablo intoxicated with its mids-focused, cutting boost and overdrive!

Essentially two boost circuits in one- the CRACKLE takes a simplified version of their treble booster- the SNAP- and parks it in front of their MORE boost/preamp. So essentially what you have is two boosts in one! Run the right dial all the way down and pump the left dial for hefty bass, and a clear, brilliant top end from the MORE. Back off the left and crank the right for a honky, lead overdrive that reminds us of our favorite 70s and 80s lead guitar tones. Or crank both for a full frequency obliteration of your amp's input and simply clean up with the guitar's volume.

Any way you choose to use the Crackle is up to you, but it is impossible to find a bad sound!

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