VanAmps Sole-Mate Jr. Spring Reverb (Discontinued)

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Are you one of those players who just can't get down with digital spring reverb but NEED it in your sound? This guy is designed specifically for pedal boards! Its innovative design allows you to place only the control head of the system on the pedal board, while the actual tank is located elsewhere, either underneath the board or at a short distance away. The spring tank can be mounted using either a zip-tie fastening method or small screws through the holes on the spring tank flange. It is important to mount the spring tank with the open side facing the mounting surface to avoid damaging the springs. Connect the head unit to the spring tank using the included RCA cables, plug the RED plug into the OUT jack on the tank and the BLACK plug into the IN jack on the tank, and VOILA!

The Sole-Mate Jr also uses the MODTM three-spring reverb tank, which some consider to be the best vintage sounding spring tank. It also has a separate preamp from the spring that can be overdriven!

Please note: If you mount the spring tank onto a bare metal surface that is grounded, it may create a ground loop. Whenever possible, insulate the tank from the mounting surface.

Very Good condition, No Box, 12V AC Power Supply Included

Very Good
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