Victoria 20112-T 20 Watt 1x12" Tweed Deluxe Guitar Amp Combo with Cover

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One of the most cloned amplifier circuits of all time, but there's one company that does it better than anyone else...

Mark Baier's Victoria Amps company has a storied history of phenomenal sounding amps, built with scrutinizing attention to detail. Mark's mission was to fill the void between the modern era of PCB-based Fender amps, and their pre-CBS studio and stage legends. This 14W killer is based on the 5E3 Narrow Panel Deluxe- an amp used by countless guitarists for over half a century. With prices of original examples skyrocketing up over the $5000 mark, Victoria ameliorates this issue with their 20112 model. Hi-Fi overdrive that recedes to sparkling cleans as you roll back your guitar's volume makes this amp feel like an old friend when combined with any guitar. Dynamic, immediate, and musical- it's hard to beat this club legend! Neil Young to this day never plays a show without his trusty Narrow Panel Deluxe.

This amp is in mint condition, and includes a Studio Slips slip cover- $120 value!

The amp was recently inspected and biased- receipts included.


Year: 2020s

Brand: Victoria

Model: 20112-R

Finish: Tweed


Speaker: 1x12" Eminence Ceramic

Power Section: 2 x 6V6

Preamp Section: 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7

Rectifier: 5Y3

Inputs: 2 x Bright, 2 x Normal

Outputs: Speaker Out

Controls: Bright Volume, Normal Volume, Tone

FX: None

Footswitch: N/A

Cover: Studio Slips

Special Features: Mint condition, includes Studio Slips cover.


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