Vox DelayLab Guitar Pedal

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Vox's now-discontinued all-in-one stereo delay machine with thirty different styles of delay! From vintage BBD style, modern digital, to all original and experimental, this thing has it all covered and then some! It also features looping which can capture up to 28 seconds of tunage which can also interact with your delay settings. Delay times can be tweaked down to the 1 ms and have a max time of 4 seconds and every single parameter can be controlled with an expression pedal. Switching from preset to preset of from on or off is smooth with trails and also a seamless program change feature.

Oh yeah there's also 10 classic song presets! (Welcome to the Jungle, Lateralus, Cliffs of Dover, Rope, Walking On The Moon, Where The Streets Have No Name, Run Like Hell, 2112, Lovers in Japan, and Give It Away)

Excellent condition, includes original box

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