Winfield Cyclone 15W Head + 2x10" Cabinet

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Winfield Amps are a rare treat to come across these days! This largely British inspired, handwired amp hails from Cochise, AZ- put together by Winfield Thomas of little-known 60s group Mott's Men. Winfield saw the rise of the Beatles and the British invasion, and Mott's Men were among their many contemporaries. He knows the tones and sounds of the era inside and out and invests his knowledge into these timeless designs.

The Cyclone is centered around an EF86 preamp section and a 15W Vox design for the brilliant, chimey tones the aforementioned decade was famous for. Four controls make up the face of the amp with Volume, Master, Tone, and Cut. The clean sounds are incredible, and have a surprising amount of volume available through its 2x10" cab pairing, but dialing in some spicy overdriven sounds at ear-friendly levels is no difficult task either.

The voice of this amp is very guitar-centric with tons of snap and punch that jump out in a mix. The jangle can be tamed for more subdued guitar tones with the Cut control, taming the high treble in a musical way.

The cab is loaded with two 10" Eminence Legends.