Wonderful Audio Technology Apex Distortion LM308 Pedal (Serial #001)

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The Apex Distortion is a versatile distortion pedal which was originally inspired by a particular LM308 rodent pedal. The goal was to create something new, while still paying homage to the original. This is not a clone but a reimagination of a classic.

How is it different?

"First things first, I love boosting the RAT with another drive, bit so I added a JFET front end gain stage.  JFETs are great because they react extremely well to the dynamics of your playing… dare I say it?... are very amp-like in their character.  Next is the LM308 primary gain stage.  I completely changed it’s voicing.  I wanted a nice low punch with crisp highs and it had to preform well in both low gain and high gain situations.  Next is the clipping section.  I wanted to a blend of smoothness and crunch so I combined a mixture of diodes and an LED.  Up next, the tone stage, which similar to the RAT, functions as a classic low pass filter however it is reversed so to the left is darker, right is brighter.  Finally in true classic form a JFET buffer which also adds some color as it saturates."

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