Wren and Cuff Box of War #001W

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For your visual and sonic pleasure! Here we have the much loved Box of War from Wren and Cuff, and it's #1! The first BoW off the line- before it was discontinued, miniaturized, and then reissued again! The Box of War captures perfectly the overdrive quality of that particular era Muff, with a dark top end and full bass. This Muff can be used in numerous ways, and has many great settings that yield you very musical sounds for guitar or bass. This pedal is in Very Good condition, but has been used on a pedalboard. It includes the box, all the papers, and rubber feet (some of which have disintegrated). This absolutely fantastic fuzz device will become your new favorite muff, or if you're a Wren and Cuff collector there are few other pedals of theirs more prestigious than the Box of War.

Very Good
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