ZT Amps - Lunchbox Reverb Amps with Carrying Bag

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Practice amps don't have to sound bad! And they don't have to be $1500+ either. The ZT Amps Lunchbox Reverb is a powerful 100W Class D single-channel amp with a 6.5" internal speaker that packs a wallop! Speaker emulated DI Headphone output, along with a tasteful spring-style digital reverb keep this amp lean and super fun to play! And all the better, it makes a delightfully small head to power any cab with an 8ohm speaker output. What we really liked about the ZTs is their ability to take pedals. Each sound we tried rang through clear and focused without the usual strangle that come from small speakers. This is a great platform for playing at home or jamming with a friend as it can easily fit on a desktop or stool. Built like a tank, toneful, and wallet friendly. Highly recommended!


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