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Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude


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The Meet Maude Analog Delay features a level of innovation and control we have come to expect from Guillaume’s pedals.

The all-analog BBD design delivers 50–500ms of warm, gooey delay time. The unit is enhanced by an integrated compressor circuit (“C” toggle) used to tighten up the repeats and add density to the mix. There’s a small natural amount of compression (“0″), with more available by flicking the switch to “1.” There’s also a nifty integrated modulator circuit (marked “M”) that adds a vintage tape machine feel to the repeats (imagine the reel-to-reel motor spinning not quite in sync). You can set it for none (“0″) to a small amount (“1″) to a large amount (“2″).

A relative stranger to the analog delay, a Tone knob makes an appearance on Meet Maude. This control is set within the delay loop and allows the player to color the repeats as he or she sees fit, from a dark lo-fi mess to a brightness not normally found in an analog delay unit. Mix, Time, Volume and Feed round out the control interface. The Feed control is interesting, as when it’s turned fully counter-clockwise, no repeats are heard.

Meet Maude is wired for true bypass and accepts a standard 9v 2.1mm center-negative power plug. The unit was designed for guitar but also sounds great with vocals, electronic drums, synths, et. al.

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Fairfield Circuitry - Meet Maude Analogue Delay 07:54

Imparting a dark and tape-like quality to your sound, this analogue delay offers a rich and distinct character for you to wallow in luxury, self-righteousness and filth.

  • Fairfield Circ...
    Imparting a dark and tape-like quality to your sound, this ana...

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