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Set-ups, Repairs, Mods
Set-ups are just the beginning of what we offer! If your guitar suffers from lackluster or microphonic pick-ups, worn pots, or broken switches—bring it in! We install customized wiring and can help with nearly any electrical mod. We also make bone nuts and bone saddles. Fret dressing and re-fretting services available. No appointment needed.

Guitars are shipped from the factory in much the same way that suits arrive at the department store, i.e. ready for the "average" consumer. When you buy a suit, it's assumed you will need to get it tailored to your individual measurements. In the same way, guitar factory standards may or may not suit your playing style. The luthier's job is to adjust the set-up of the guitar to fit you.

Even guitars that were once playing well can fall out-of-whack. Seasonal variations in temperature and humidity can cause the neck and body to swell and contract, leading to poor intonation and high/low action.

Do you need a set-up? Consider the following:

  • Do you find you get excessive fret buzz? Or perhaps you find it very
    uncomfortable to hold down chords for normal periods of time?
  • Are notes choking out when you bend strings in the upper register of your guitar?
  • When playing chords, are some perfectly in tune while others sound bitterly out of tune?

3-5 Day Turn-Around:

We don't believe in hanging on to your guitar for weeks or months at a time. Most setups will be ready for pickup within 3-5 business days or less. If we're backed-up or especially busy, we'll let you know before we take in your instrument. We believe the basis for a correct set-up begins with an understanding of your playing style, as well as the physical and mechanical limitations of your instrument. Please allow yourself extra time when you stop by for pickup, so that you can play your instrument and we can both make sure that it is set-up to your liking.

Here are the things we look at during a set-up:

  • Check and adjust neck relief (truss rod)
  • Set action height
  • Check string height at nut
  • Set intonation
  • Check and adjust tremolo
  • Check and adjust pickup height
  • Check fret conditions
  • Polish the frets
  • Clean and condition fingerboard
  • Check and clean electronic components
  • Check and tighten tuning machines
  • Install new set of strings
  • Clean and polish

$40 - Setup for most guitars and basses (does not include strings).

$65 - Floyd-Rose guitars (does not include strings).

30 Day guarantee on all labor.

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