Guitar Repairs


$50 - Setup for most guitars and basses (does not include strings)

$80 - Floyd-Rose guitars (does not include strings)

Here are the things we look at during a set-up:

  • Check and adjust neck relief (truss rod)
  • Set action height
  • Check string height at nut
  • Set intonation
  • Check and adjust tremolo
  • Check and adjust pickup height
  • Check fret conditions
  • Polish the frets
  • Clean and condition fingerboard
  • Check and clean electronic components
  • Check and tighten tuning machines
  • Install new set of strings
  • Clean and polish

Average 7 Day Turn-Around:

We try to turn around all setups as quickly as possible- but wait times may vary.

30 Day guarantee on all labor.

Other repairs:

Fretboard Planing & Crowning/Half Plane and Crown: $200/$100

Pickup swap/installation: $25-50 per pickup

Input jack replacement: $15-25 + the cost of the jack

Pickup slector replacement: $25-40 + cost of selector

Bone nut carve and installation: $100 (will require setup with additional setup charge)


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