Amp Repairs

Amp repair for our store is handled by Jeffrey Falla of ToneTron Amps, a wonderful tech and builder who's built quite a reputation about town for his quality and fair prices. Simply drop off your amp at our shop, Jeff will pick it up on Thursday or Friday and usually returns with your amplifier the following week.

Jeff offers a "general overhaul" (the amp equivalent of a setup) for $75. Cost of parts is not included in this price.

Check out ToneTron's website or give Jeff a call for your amp repair needs, or if you want a quality, custom amplifier!

"The mission of ToneTron Amplifiers LLC is to provide high quality handmade guitar tube amplifiers at a price working musicians can afford.  I approach each amplifier build with a design uniquely aimed to each guitarist's request. No two amplifiers are exactly the same." - ToneTron


Jeffrey Falla

(612) 789-1438

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