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New from FARM Pedals!

The Spirit Animal is a hard-clipping, opamp distortion that is built for bass but works just as well for guitar! The gain knob can go from bright and articulate to dark and spongy distortion. Ideal when running into an already gained up amp!

Each pedal is hand made, hand drilled, hand stamped and the pedal you receive may be different than the one shown.

9V DC Power


C: The Clarity. CCW full distortion, CW full clean.  As you move the dial clockwise, it blends in clean signal.  There is a slight boost with the distortion, the clean is set to unity.  The clean signal, when engaged, is also buffered.  So this pedal can be used as a clean buffer when full CW, no distortion, if desired.

G: The Gain. Changes the sharpness of the distortion. CCW Darker and Woolier, CW Brighter and Jagged.


Suggested Settings from FARM
Using clock number placements, CW-Clockwise, CCW-Counter Clockwise
Most Aggressive: C-Full CCW, G-Full CW.
Warm Bass: C-2, G-Full CCW
Heavy Bass: C-10, G-2
Bright Bass: C-2, G-Full CW
Our Favorite For Guitar: C-1, G-1
Our Favorite For Bass: C-Full CCW, G-Full CCW

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