1966 Gibson GA-20RVT Minuteman 12-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo

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Just in! This mid-60s Gibson amp offers garage rock and blues tones that will astound at a fraction of the cost of vintage Fenders, and even Silvertones!

The Reverb and Trem are unique in this one, and the Reverb channel when cranked offers juicy, touch-sensitive overdrive perfect for plugging and playing! This one has had some mods for more cut in the Normal channel, but the Reverb channel sounds like the original circuit. If you want a Princeton power platform that sounds a little more lean/midrangey/British, this Minuteman could be your answer! Great for gigs or the studio- a sensible grab and go combo!

Very Good condition. Original speaker and vintage preamp tubes. Recently serviced, with 2 new Sovtek EL84 power tubes. Original footswitch included.

Year: 1966

Brand: Gibson

Model: GA-20RVT Minuteman

Finish: Black

Power: 12 Watts Class A

Speaker: Original CTS Gibson 12"

Power Section: 2 x EL84

Preamp Section: V1: Sovtek 6EU7, V2: GE 12AU7, V3: RCA 6EU7, V4: GE 12AU7, V5: Unknown 12AU7

Rectifier: Solid State

Inputs: Hi/Lo Normal Channel, Hi/Lo Reverb Channel

Outputs: 1 x Speaker Output

Controls: Normal Channel Volume/Treble/Bass, Reverb Channel Volume/Treble/Bass/Reverb/Tremolo Speed/Tremolo Depth

FX: Tube driven spring reverb and tremolo

Footswitch: Original 2-button footswitch included

Cover: No

Special Features: Grounded plug attached, mods to normal channel for reduced mids and increased brightness.

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