2018 Analogman King of Tone V4 - 4 Jack with Both Side High Gain, and Mode Toggle Options

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You all know this one. The KoT has been a long time favorite in the guitar world, and its continued success has spurred 3 year wait lists, April Fools discontinuations, and sheer obsession among its fans. 

Here we have a 2018 King of Tone with all the trim; 4 Jacks, OD/Boost/DIST toggle, and both sides come with the high gain option! For loop switcher users, the 4 Jack option is a must for fitting your other favorite drives and boosts between the two sides. This circuit has so much utility and such a natural sound, it's no wonder AnalogMike stacked two of them into a double-wide.

Excellent condition with the feet, business card, and sleeve inside the original box.

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