2020 Mask Audio Electronics Part Garden Fuzz (Serial #47)

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In on trade! This is a Silicon varient of this pedal.

Part Garden contains two fuzzes in one pedal, with both tuned to bring out the best of the other. Although that sounds like a lot of gain to handle, it can also function as a smooth overdrive and anything in between. The first fuzz is fairly warm and the second is a bit more harmonically rich and that can change drastically when you start messing with its controls. Overall, this is a very dynamic pedal and your volume control to get even more exciting sounds out of it!

I, II, and III are all volume controls in different stages of the pedal. As you change each, you'll notice that each of them changes the volume, tone, and gain of the pedal. There is no tone control on Part Garden because it's so easy to adjust the shape of the signal with the gain controls. Set I higher for clangy high end, or II higher for thicker low end.

I - How much signal is entering Part Garden, sets the general gain level

II - The gain between the two circuits. This will also subtly attenuate bass frequencies as the gain is turned down

III - Master volume, turn right for more

Texture - Changes the gain structure in the first stage. This will increase the gain and the amount of compression from the fuzz. When set fully clockwise the signal is so compressed that nothing will pass through unless boosted by another pedal. Because of what the control is adjusting, some crackling may occur while turning the knob. 

YUH- Changes the range of the Texture control. The up position will give you optimal range for adjustment, while the down position will allow finer tuning of more extreme sounds

Very Good condition, no box.

Very Good
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