Acorn Amplifiers Solid State Preamplifier (Early Demo Unit)

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Inspired by the most iconic rock music spanning four decades, the Solid State Preamplifier is a studio secret weapon for achieving edgy and aggressive tones whether it's guitar, bass, drums, or even vocals. This latest release is packed with features and is in a much slimmer enclosure.

The foot-switchable 'normal' and 'saturated' channels offer versatile tone modes, while an additional 'thick' switch delivers substantial low end and increased gain. Unlike its predecessor, the Solid State Preamplifier excludes the power amp circuitry, resulting in a nearly half-priced alternative without compromising quality.

Key features include two foot-switchable tone channels, a compact pedalboard-friendly design in a 1590B aluminum enclosure, and true bypass functionality. It operates on 9-18VDC pedal power, consuming less than 100mA of current. 

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