Analogman Sun Face NKT Red Dot Germanium Fuzz with Box

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In on trade! The Sun Face is one of the most sought-after takes on the Fuzz Face. This pedal is very sensitive to the volume on your guitar and also comes with an internal trim pot to bias the pedal for different feels and cleanup. The circuit comprises only the highest quality components and has a very low noise floor. 

More info about the NKT Red Dot Transistors:

"In mid 2017 we got some red dot NKT transistors which are not the 275 model, from a source in The Netherlands. These are definitely made at the Newmarket factory over 40 years ago, and look and sound almost identical to the red dot NKT275 we used to have. They test in the same range, medium low gain. I think they came from the same manufacturing line as the NKT275, but were sorted for this narrower gain range. They have a different part number on them after the "NKT", probably a house number for the specific customer who requested these parts (maybe a radio company in the Netherlands). We ran out of these in 2020."  - Analogman

Very Good condition, comes with non-original box and ephemera.

Very Good
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