Benson Amps Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo

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In on consignment! The previous owner took wonderful care of this amp in a smoke-free environment. Near-Mint condition (A couple schallow scuffs on the top of the amp can be seen in pitcures) and ships in its original box.

The Monarch Combo couldn't be simpler: Volume, Tone, an "American"/"British" voicing toggle switch, along with a "Reverb" knob.  The amp is bright and punchy, with beautiful sparkly rich cleans, and enviable touch-sensitivity.  Notes seem to spring from the amp, with zero-lag.  

The amp is wired using point-to-point WWII-era wiring techniques; built directly onto terminal strips that are bolted to a rugged steel enclosure, so there is no circuit board of any kind. Chris then fits the amp into a baltic birch head cabinet wrapped in cotton duck ticking which is lacquered for durability, or tolex. The Monarch is designed to deliver: DC filaments allow for a low noise floor, Mercury Magnetics transformers, Carbon Comp resistor, Jupiter capacitors, and the stainless steel chassis is built by a metal shop just outside Portland that does contract work for Boeing and is designed to withstand extreme abuse.  The result is unmatched clarity, immediacy and warmth in a combo package.

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