Heritage Colonial 50-Watt Amplifier Head

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This Paul Cochrane designed powerhouse is a do-it-all swiss army knife, perfect for pedal-heavy players. High, high headroom with a robust clean tone- any guitar sounds like a cannon through this head! It has a unique range of controls that vary the amp's character from Plexi-esque to hi-power Tweed and everywhere in between! We'd even liken some of the British tones to the jangling bite of a Selmer, and the American tones to late-60s/early-70s Ampeg.

The Mood control is the heart of the amp. A variable negative feedback control, which serves great for people who want a little more hair earlier in the sweep of the volume knob. 2 channels (Bright and Normal) are internally jumpered and blendable for an even larger host of sounds.

Handwired to military spec, this amp is OVERbuilt! Rugged enough for touring and elegant enough for the studio!

Excellent, all-original condition. The only flaw is a small chip in the faceplate above the Heritage logo.


Brand: Heritage Amplification

Model: Colonial 

Finish: Black Tolex

Power: 50-Watts

Power Section: 2 x EL34

Preamp Section: 3 x 12AX7

Rectifier: GZ34

Inputs: 1 1/4"

Outputs: 2 x 4ohm, 2 x 8ohm, 2 x 16ohm speaker outputs

Controls: Mood, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, US/UK Switch for Tone Stack, US/UK Switch for preamp voicing, Bright Volume, Normal Volume

Cover: No

Special Features: Easy access bias points

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