Mojotone Custom Blackout British 18-Watt Head

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The BlackOut British amplifier by Mojotone offers a modern take on British guitar tone from the late '60s and is inspired by the iconic 18-watt dual-EL84 Marshall heads and combos. Mojotone's team aimed to create the ultimate 18-watt amplifier by incorporating a classic British three-knob tone stack and a JCM800/2204 platform-based lead channel with a mean amount of gain. They replaced the traditional tremolo with a more favorable setup and added a master volume control for versatile use in any room.

Departing from tradition, the amp features a dual-6V6 output stage instead of EL84s, providing ample power, increased headroom, and a unique ability to emulate "baby EL34s." The result is a versatile head that delivers all your screaming leads and fat rhythms. Housed in a classic 18-Watt British Style Head with Mojotone's BlackOut Tweed, the BlackOut British combines dynamic, expressive, hand-wired tube tone with high end components.


Brand: Mojotone

Model: Blackout British

Finish: Black Tweed

Amp Type:  All Tube

Power: 18 Watts RMS

Power Section: 2 x 6V6

Preamp Section: 3 x 12AX7

Rectifier: EZ81

Channels: 2

Controls: Volume and Tone (Channel 1) Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume (Channel 2)

Inputs: 3 x 1/4"

Outputs: 2 x 1/4" with variable resistance

Capacitors: Mojo Dijon

Resistors: Carbon composition

Transformers: Heyboer transformers

Footswitch: No

Cover: No

Special Features: Hand-wired turret board construction

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