Surfy Industries StereoMaker Advanced ABY Switch Pedal

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New from Surfy Industries! 

An ABY pedal typically receives the signal from a guitar or other instrument and splits it into two outputs. The StereoMaker is fully buffered and packed with features like soft touch JFET switching, transformer isolated outputs, pseudo stereo effects, 180 degrees phase reverse, and ground lift.

In STEREO mode the width and volume controls are enabled to optimize a pseudo-stereo sound. The PAD switch makes it possible to attenuate line level signal to instrument level. Also, the StereoMaker can be used as a direct box to convert unbalanced to balanced signals becoming a useful tool for keyboard players and recording studios.

A simulated stereo effect is generated using analog complementary comb filters. This unique implementation makes it possible to simulate the mixture of direct and reflected sound waves in a room in a very realistic way. This effect is 100% analog and safe to mix back into mono, with no side effects.

Sometimes reverse phase effects can occur resulting in a "non-distinct", "hollow sound". The reason might be that two guitar amps have been used with a different number of gain stages. The StereoMaker has a built-in 180 degrees polarity reverse circuit to phase-match amps. Just pull the output plug halfway out to get the reverse phase.


Surfy Industries ABY Switch Guitar Pedal

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