ToneTron Amps Billy Rocker 10 Amplifier - Red

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The Billy Rocker 10 from ToneTron Amps is pure guitar heaven! 15W 6V6 based Master Volume design with Treble and Bass EQ, and a voicing toggle for Smooth (long sustaining leads) or Full (big chunky rhythm) create a wildly fun and flexible amp. Solid pine cab (typically) loaded with a 10" Weber Faromax- this one has a 10" Weber Alnico for more snap and chime! Jeff also tweaked the circuit with a 5AR4 rectifier tube for better headroom and less sag. Early in the amp's output you'll find smooth compression that is prejudiced to no pickup, as full cleans make way for very dynamic overdrive when you turn up. Great low-volume tones for home recording, but this amp would be welcome on any stage.

All original design, handwired by Jeffrey Falla in Minneapolis, MN.

This is a favorite of ours at the shop! Whether you have a mothership pedalboard or just a cable between your guitar and amp.

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