Veri-Tone Azzuro v2 "Prototype" - 2 in 1 Overdrive and Boost

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Another custom Veri-Tone pedal you'll likely never see again! This one is the original Prototype of their Azzuro pedal- seemingly less than 30 examples existing in the wild. This one can be heard on a featured episode of Demos in the Dark.

We were delighted to open this one up, finding an NOS Jan Phillips 6111WA tube inside. The breakup is somewhat-saggy (very saggy with humbuckers), unmistakably tube, with a smooth top end, and exceptionally dynamic. The front end boost allows you to really push this little tube beyond it's limits for a pedal experience that feels like a multi-channel amp.

Don't just get another overdrive that TGP tells you to buy! Show them something they've never seen before!

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