ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox LB02 200W 1 x 6.5" Guitar Combo with Extension Cabinet

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The Lunchbox is a very simple little amp to use and packs a solid 200W through a 165mm specially designed, custom speaker. Its controls parameters are ambience, tone, volume and gain. The ambience control mimics the natural short term reflections produced from the rear of an open back amp/cabinet. It allows the player to dial in luscious levels of depth, width and fullness to the sound. The Lunchbox has an astoundingly clear and clean tone with a very open and direct response. Even when working at high volumes this amp loses boasts the same quality of sound reproduction across its full range. Pretty dang impressive! Now pair that with the passive extension cabinet and its even more capable of volume and clarity!

The amp is in good working condition with few little scratches on the brushed metal casing, some duct tape that looks to be holding the grille plate on, and some on the back corners to keep them from peeling. The extension cabinet is in excellent overall condition with only some minor marks on the side and back. 


Very Good