Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2

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The Dude Incredible brings together two revered classics: the sound of the IVP "Tube Voice" preamp and a percolator-style fuzz. Together, these circuits have crafted some of noise rock's most iconic guitar tones, including jangly rhythm tones, piercing treble chords, and walls of howling feedback. Initially introduced in 2017, the Dude Incredible marked the first transformation of the IVP into a pedal format. Now, it makes a return with added features and enhanced modern reliability.

The Tube Voice channel is a refined rendition of the Intersound IVP (Instrument Voicing Preamp), a nearly-forgotten rackmount preamp from the 1970s. This channel features a transformer-loaded overdrive circuit, propelled by a pre-gain shelving EQ, creating a unique array of frequency-selective distorted sounds. Beyond being a clang machine, this channel excels at producing medium gain tones or serving as a foundational always-on layer. (You can also find this channel as a standalone unit in our Surveyor pedal.)

The Percolate channel requires no introduction. Our interpretation of this beloved two-transistor fuzz incorporates a meticulously selected germanium transistor, based on measurements of an original unit. Additionally, a diode switch allows you to choose between our custom configuration from the Dude Incredible V1 and a more traditional highly compressed mode. Combining the Percolate side with the Tube Voice side yields a powerfully destructive fuzz.

Even if you're not a metal-pick-wielding treble enthusiast, the Dude Incredible offers a wellspring of distinctive distortion sounds that can't be replicated elsewhere.

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