KarDiaN Titania Distortion v2

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For the first time ever in the US, El Diablo welcomes KarDiaN pedals!

A harmonically rich and highly flexible distortion unit, the Titania v2 offers a LOT of gain with 3 clipping modes and 4-band EQ! Single note lines have laser focus with plenty of cut that will get your leads out in front, and the Titania can operate at 18V for high headroom and use with other overdrives. This pedal also has a TON of low end as well, so bass players and guitarists with 7+ strings should definitely give this one some thought!

If you're looking to completely transform your amplifier sound or want a distortion channel to pair with your amp sim pedal, the Titania works wonders as it is tunable to just about any rig!

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