KarDiaN Iodoform "Gold"

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For the first time ever in the US, El Diablo welcomes KarDiaN pedals!

The Iodoform Gold is a sleek, hi-fi onboard preamp that you can mount directly into your guitar, or use with KarDiaN's Character Module box! A little more gain, and a little more Klon-esque midrange than the Iodoform Silver, this option great for blues or jazz guitarists that don't want to futz with pedals but need the occasional lead boost or frequency shift. Hosting 2 band EQ, Gain, and Volume, the controls are adjusted by trim pots for a "set it and forget it", low-profile experience.

Mounting into your guitar will require some routing and wiring, but popping one of these into the Character Module box is a cinch! And once you have the box, collecting modules will allow for a wide array of sounds and supreme utility.

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